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About Us

Our Mission

Think Sports Cards is a knowledge sharing blog within the trading card industry.

To become your go-to resource for new and existing collectors, investors, and flippers in the sports card industry.

We believe in how trading cards can change an individual’s life and want to promote and bring awareness of its benefits.

Our blog will act as a beacon and guide in navigating the hobby.

Always “Collect what you like”.

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Our Readers


Learn the ins and outs of sorting/organizing cards. Also identify the best way to display them to share with others.


Understand which cards are worth buying and methods to pick long term winners. Avoid overspending at all costs.


See what it’s like to make profit from selling cards doing what you love and identifying undervalued cards.

What You Can Expect

THINK SPORTS CARDS is a free-advice sports card content platform sharing our knowledge with others. We’ve been in the hobby for many years and want to give back to the community. 

  • Helpful tips for collectors, investors, and flippers
  • Become your go-to resource for card industry news 
  • Provide a community for like-minded individuals 

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How it works

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