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Best 6 Prizm Gold Cards for Beginners (Ultimate Guide)

Are you looking for a unique and lucrative sports card investment opportunity? Look no further than Prizm Gold Cards. These stunning collectibles have taken the sports memorabilia world by storm with their rare designs and limited availability. Our article will focus on Football gold cards; however, each sport has gold cards. 

Why Prizm Gold Cards Are Holy Grails in Collecting

Black Prizm Gold Cards are 1-of-1s where only a handful of cards; each is unique and unique. No other will exist, making them extremely rare and valuable items. 

Black Gold cards are highly desirable. For example, a Patrick Mahomes Black Gold Prizm 1/1 Patch Autograph BSG 9.5 sells on eBay for $375K. A card like this can buy a house, boat, or down payment on a private jet. Cards like these can convert into life-changing money if sold at the right time, like after a Kansas City super bowl win. Our guide will explore which black gold Prizm cards are highly desirable. 

Not only are they highly sought after by collectors, but they also hold significant value as investments over the long run. These cards can increase in value and be sold at the perfect time to get a maximum price. 

As a collector passionate about sports, I have put together the ultimate guide to collecting and investing in Prizm Gold Cards for beginners. In this guide, we will explore the history of Prizm Gold Cards, what makes them so valuable, and how to identify the best cards to invest in. 

This article will give you the knowledge and expertise to shine bright like a Gold Prizm in sports collectibles. So, let’s dive in and discuss Prizm Gold Cards together!

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What makes Prizm Gold Cards valuable?

Black Prizm Gold Cards are known for their rarity and unique designs, showing black and gold colors in a shiny pattern unlike any other. 

Collectors and investors highly seek them due to their limited availability. Panini America, a company specializing in sports trading cards, produces Prizm Gold Cards. 

Panini produces a limited number of Prizm Gold Cards yearly, making them highly valuable and sought after. Only some players get a one-of-one card, too. Only the top quarterbacks or running backs tend to have these cards. For example, Jalen Hurts, Josh Allen, and Patrick Mahomes get black gold cards. 

Two factors why these cards are rare: 

  1. Limited quantities, with some cards produced in as few as ten copies.
  2. Value of Prizm Gold Cards is their popularity among collectors. 

Typically, these cards are for serious card investors willing to drop a few thousand dollars on a card and watch the card’s value appreciate over time. However, a few casual sports card collectors will buy hobby boxes in hopes of getting lucky to find a black prizm 1 of 1. 

Types of Prizm Gold Cards

Prizm Gold Cards come in a variety of different types: 

The most common types of Prizm Gold Cards include base cards, autographed cards, and rookie cards. Some cards can have multiple variations, such as an autograph or not, a rookie or not, etc. 

1. Base Gold Cards: Each goes for $10-$35 on eBay 

Base cards are the most common type of Prizm Gold Card. They feature a player’s image on the front, typically numbered to a specific quantity. Autographed cards are similar to base cards but feature the player’s signature. These cards are rarer and more valuable than

2. Rookie Gold Cards: Each goes for $40- $1,000 on eBay 

Rookie cards are another type of Prizm Gold Card. They feature a player’s image and statistics from their first season in the league. Collectors and investors highly seek after these cards, as they represent a player’s first appearance in a trading card set.

3. Black Gold Cards: Each goes for $1,000+ on eBay 

The most expensive type of gold card is the black gold 1/1s (1 of 1s) which can go for thousands on the market. Typically incorporates shiny, metallic elements in unique designs, keeping the community wanting more. 

Top 6 Best Football Black Gold Prizm Cards Every Collector Wants 

We outline the best 6 Black Gold Prizm football cards for collectors and fans of football. While there are other sports like Basketball, Baseball, and Hockey, Black Gold Prizm remains at the top of the most valuable cards list. 

1. Patrick Mahomes Black Gold Prizm 1/1 Patch Autograph BSG 9.5 


The asking price is around “$375,000.00”, primarily because it has an autograph and patches, increasing its overall value. Patrick Mahomes has won multiple super bowls and continues to prove himself each season. 

2. Josh Allen Black Gold Prizm 1 of 1 Rookie Non-Autograph Select PSA 10


The asking price sits around “$279,999.00”, becoming a highly sought-after card due to his tremendous growth in getting the bills closer to winning a super bowl for years.

Since this is a non-autograph card, it’s less expensive than the Patrick Mahomes card. However, typically PSA demands a high premium compared to BGS, giving this price tag a healthy look. 

3. Justin Herbert Black Gold Prizm 1 of 1 Autograph BGS 9


The asking price is around “$250,000.00”; although it’s only a 9 in terms of the condition, it’s tough to get a 10 or 9.5 when grading high-end black gold cards. 

Justin’s fanbase creates a high demand for a one-of-one card like this, and the autograph also helps increase its value. 

4. Jalen Hurts Black Gold Prizm 1 of 1 Autograph PSA 9


The asking price is around “$199,999.95”; taking the Eagles to the super bowl, despite losing their cards, remains hot on the market. 

A one-of-one Jalen Hurts card can go for thousands quickly, and this card is no different. Paired with an autograph and graded from PSA, it’s a card that will move fast. 

5. Tom Brady Black Gold Prizm Select Field Level Non-Autograph PSA 10


The asking price sits around “$29,999.99” after going to the Buccaneers. Tom Brady’s Patriots cards are in high demand. Prices for Tom Brady cards can vary mainly due to his transition into retirement; however, the hobby always finds room to appreciate his cards and legend. Non-autograph goes for $30K+ giving this card a promising future in a collector’s collection. 

Where to find Prizm Gold Cards Across All Sports 

Prizm Gold Cards are at various locations, including. 

  1. Local Card Shops (also known as LCS)
  2. Online Retailers (Burbanks Sports Cards, Beckett Marketplace, etc.)
  3. Digital Auction Houses (Goldin, PSA Marketplace, etc.)
  4. Collector Conventions (The Nationale, Dallas Card Show, etc.)

Each place has pros and cons, especially when finding the gold Prizm card you want to add to your collection. Each has its inventory and prices, so you must know what card you want before going. 

Either way, these events bring together collectors and dealers worldwide and offer a wide selection of rare and unique cards. Attending a collector convention can be a great way to network with other collectors and find the cards you want. 

You’ll be surprised how often a collector, you know, meets someone who has the card you want and connects with you to make the deal happen. They may ask for a commission fee, but it’s worth it when you can add the card you want into your collection. 

Lastly, look at local card shops. If you do a Google search ‘sports card shops near me’ and use google maps, you can find them based on how close they are using a mile’s radius. Some popular online retailers sell Prizm Gold Cards, including eBay, Burbank Sports, and COMC, if you can travel only a short distance. 

How to determine a Prizm Gold Card’s value

Determining a Prizm Gold Card’s value can be complex, as many factors can affect a card’s worth. 

Some of the main factors that influence a Prizm Gold Card’s value include: 

  1. Rarity 
  2. Condition 
  3. Popularity

The rarity of a Prizm Gold Card is one of the most significant factors that affect its value. 

Cards in smaller quantities are typically more valuable than those in larger quantities. Additionally, autographed cards featuring a rookie player are more valuable.

The condition of a Prizm Gold Card is also essential when determining its value. Cards in excellent condition, with no visible wear or damage, are typically more valuable than those that show signs of wear and tear.

Almost always, you should grade a black gold Prizm card instead of selling raw. During other cards, it’s easy to ask yourself, ‘Is this worth grading?’ but when it comes to black gold Prizm cards, you can bet it’s worth it 99% of the time. 

For example, if it’s a popular QB like Patrick Mahomes, it’s not even a question. However, there are cases where a QB is unpopular, like Carson Strong, who needs to sell better within the sports community. That’s likely the 1% chance of its worth grading. 

Collectors want a high-end card like that to be in a protective slab that helps with the card’s longevity. No one wants a high-end card to have unrepairable damage, like a scratch or dent. By giving it to PSA or BGS, you can get a UV protective case automatically. 

Finally, the popularity of a Prizm Gold Card can also affect its value. Cards featuring famous players or teams are typically more valuable than those featuring less popular players or teams. Look for teams like Kansas City Chiefs, Eagles, Buffalo Bills, and Cincinnati Bengals. Super Bowl-winning teams are likelier to sell than teams trending the other way. 

Factors that affect Prizm Gold Card prices


The prices of Prizm Gold Cards can fluctuate based on a variety of different factors. Some of the main factors that affect Prizm Gold Card prices include the player’s performance, the popularity of the card, and the overall demand for the card. When a player performs well, their cards typically increase in value. 

It is especially valid for rookie cards, as collectors and investors always look for the next big thing. Additionally, cards featuring famous players or teams are typically more valuable than those featuring less popular players or teams.

The overall demand for a Prizm Gold Card can also affect its price. If collectors highly seek a particular card, its price will likely increase. Conversely, if a card is not in high demand, its price may decrease.

Our article explains in more detail why cards lose value and what you can expect regarding these cards. Future of Sports Trading Cards: Why Sports Cards Lose Value?

However, most of these cards typically keep their value because they are at the top of the market. Buying these cards at a discount of 60% comps during economic downturns is good because they are likely to go back up. 

Tips for collecting and investing in Prizm Gold Cards

If you are interested in collecting and investing in Prizm Gold Cards, there are a few tips to keep in mind. First, research and learn as much as possible about the cards you are interested in, which will help you make informed decisions and avoid overpaying for a card.

Use tools like Ebay recently sold, 130point, and Sports Card Investor to find good deals on cards selling below comps. Look for a percent change difference in cards sold six months ago to today and buy when they look affordable. 

Second, focus on collecting cards featuring famous players or teams. These cards are typically more valuable and easier to sell if you decide to liquidate your collection.

Here’s a short list of famous football players and teams to keep an eye on: 

  1. Trevor Lawrance (QB) – A 3rd-year player was looking to make a difference. 
  2. Trey Lance (QB) – A player after injury is looking to return strong. 
  3. Peyton Manning (QB) – A hobby favorite that will always sell. 
  4. Russell Wilson (QB)- A player who had a lousy season and will remain a legend. 
  5. Zack Wilson (QB)- A player looking to return to a favorite position. 

Finally, invest in high-quality storage solutions to protect your Prizm Gold Cards from damage. Which will help preserve their value over time and ensure they remain in excellent condition.

Mistakes to avoid when collecting and investing

There are a few common mistakes to avoid when collecting and investing in Prizm Gold Cards. 

1. Don’t overpay for a card: 

It’s straightforward to think every card is valuable and overextend yourself when you can’t afford it. Do your research and ensure you pay a fair price for the card.

2. Save to buy the card or trade into the card: 

Find funds and use your bread-and-butter money sparingly. For example, a collector can sell their entire collection and use those funds to help make that payment on a big high end one of one card, especially when it comes to black gold Prizm cards which can cost a pretty penny. 

3. Avoid purchasing cards that are not in excellent condition. 

While it’s a great plan to take a 1 of 1 black gold Prizm and get it graded for an excellent high-end flip, it’s easy to make a massive mistake if you don’t know how well the card’s condition is. 

Cards that show signs of wear and tear are typically less valuable and harder to sell. Also, the person selling the card knows it won’t grade well, and that’s why they didn’t send it in for grading themselves. 

4. Only invest what you can afford to lose. 

While Prizm Gold Cards can be a lucrative investment opportunity, they are not without risk. Ensure you invest wisely and diversify your portfolio to minimize risk.

Why Gold Cards Will Always Have a Market

The future outlook for Prizm Gold Cards is bright as their popularity and value continue to rise. As more and more collectors and investors enter the market, the demand for these rare and unique cards is likely to increase. 

Additionally, the rise of online marketplaces and collector communities has made it easier than ever to buy and sell Prizm Gold Cards.

Overall, Prizm Gold Cards represent a unique and lucrative investment opportunity for collectors and investors alike. Their rarity, unique designs, and high demand make them valuable to any sports memorabilia collection.

Prizm Gold Cards offer a unique and lucrative investment opportunity for collectors and investors, especially since they are 1 of 1s and typically of high-performing famous players. 

Their rarity, unique designs, and high demand make them highly sought after in the sports memorabilia market. If you can add a black gold prizm to your collection, do so within reason. Take the time to grade it, and you’ll see the value 2x to 4x or more, depending on the card. 

Following the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you can become a savvy collector and investor in Prizm Gold Cards. So shine bright like a Prizm and make your mark in sports collectibles!

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