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Best Sports Card Collection Tracker App for Graded Cards

Every collection looks for the perfect card collection tracker app and feels disappointed when they can’t find the perfect one. However, times are different now, and PSA has a solid competitive sport-collecting app within its ecosystem, especially for those collectors who collect, buy, and sell PSA-graded cards. 

This article will explain why the PSA Card App Collection feature is the best sports card collection tracker for graded cards. Will cover the following topics and explain in detail what you need to know to improve your collection better using this information: 

  1. Key features of the best card collection app tracker?
  2. Why is the PSA Card App Collection top-rated?
  3. What benefits of the PSA app’s comprehensive database and usability?
  4. How does the app track card collections and values?
  5. What unique features make this card collection app stand out?

Let’s dive in: 

PSA Card App Collection – Why It’s Perfect for Collectors

PSA Card Collection Tracker App

PSA recently launched a ‘New feature’ within their mobile app that has collectors happy and ready to add to their collection. As collectors mostly use the PSA app to submit cards for grading, the new feature is an additional tab that makes the user experience simple and friendly. 

Here are a few reasons why we like this card app collection tracker: 

  1. Massive Database: It has a wide range of cards since it has all of PSA’s partner companies’ data, like from Goldin. If you are looking for raw cards, you may find more value in a sports card investor vs. ladder card app collecting tool. 
  2. Hassle-Free Interface: The app is intuitive and easy to use. Open the app, click scan, or manually enter the PSA ID number and it will find the card in its vast database. 
  3. Sorting and Filtering Options: You can easily change how the thumbnail photos of your collection within the app look with one click. 
  4. Pricing and Values (Gain/Loss): Quickly see the value of your collection without difficulty and make decisions using real-time sales data. 
  5. Send to Vault: Use one click to send your high-end cards to a protective vault. Cards worth over $1,000+ can be safely and securely held, making PSA’s vault option a great choice. 

What Inventory Attributes Do PSA Collection for Collectors

Card Collecting App PSA


The new feature within the app makes it easy to see both the front and the back side of the card using only your finger to guide the flip motion. 

PSA remains a strong competitor in the grading card business, and this app makes for one of the best sports card collection trackers you can ask for since it allows you to send your cards to the vault with one button. 

The benefit of keeping all your graded cards within the track collection app is the collected data you can learn about the collection. Here’s some of the you can begin tracking: 

Trading Card Specifics (You Can Add)

  • Year 
  • Set 
  • Subject 
  • Number 
  • Variation 

Optional Card Details 

  • Grade
  • Gain/Loss (Uses an Estimate) 
  • Source 
    • Goldin
    • Heritage
    • eBay
    • Other Auction / Marketplace (Mercari and WhatNot)
    • Local Card Shop
    • Card Show
    • Social Media Sale
    • Private Sale
    • Break 
    • Gift 
      • Other 
  • Date Acquired 
    • Look up those receipts within eBay or those social media messages, as you can now put the date you got your new card into it directly. It’ll act as where you have everything to keep track of your collection using your phone. 
  • Notes (also known as ‘My Notes’)
    • Allows the user to enter details about the card’s origin and how they got it into their collection. 
    • For example, you can put the name of the card shop you bought from or remember when you first got the card. Other details include your feeling when you bought it or what happened when you got the card. 
    • Imagine getting a new card during the Olympics and wanting to recall that you include details of which sporting events were your favorite to watch within the notes section, which is powerful as nostalgia drives this hobby and helps you remember good times. 
    • Maybe you met the athlete or celebrity and want to recall that. Which notes section will add much value to the collector in their journey. 

Collection Tracker App Features Worth Noting 

1. Photographs can be missing for specific cards: Some cards won’t have a photograph, and it’s likely because these cards weren’t among the process, they have in place currently. While it could be better visually, it can still easily calculate the card’s value. 

2. Removing a card from the collection is a bit hidden: As a collector, you know that sometimes cards are in your collection for a short period, and then they move through a trade or sale quickly. When you remove a sports card from the PSA collection app tracker, you must click the three dots to open the window to click ‘remove.’ 

While it is simple, it is tricky to find if you need help finding where to look. Also, it requires you to approve the removal before making it happen. 

3. Shop Similar under each collectible: Each PSA card you add to this app will have a ‘shop similar’ section below it, and the cards often are not comparable. For example, the Obsidian card may show other Obsidian cards but not similar football cards.

Critical Questions for Collectors’ First Time Using This App 

Is the PSA Card App Collection available for both iOS and Android devices?

Yes, PSA’s collection app is ready and accessible by all smartphone devices. Both include IOS and Android devices. 

Can I track my card purchases and sales within the app?

Yes, tracking your purchases by inputting the amount you spent and when you bought the card is an option. 

Can I export or share my PSA Card App Collection data?

All data remains within the app if you want to use Slab Studio to share a photograph of the cards via social media. 

Use Slab Studio to Share High-Quality Photos of Your Graded Cards

SlabStudio Card App Sharing

You can create images using Slab Studio with different backgrounds and the perfect size for any social media platform. 

For example, I took my Greg Rousseau 2021 Panini Obsidian Electric Etch Gold Flood PSA 9 2/10 card to share as it was our first ever gold card graded. I then posted this on the new social media platform from Mark Zuckerberg Threads. It saw some exciting engagement. 

Now you can share your cards or the collection by taking screenshots and using Slab Studio. It’s a great way to show off your collection digitally and via social media. 

Why PSA’s Card App Collection Tracker Is a Must-Use for Collectors

The PSA Card App Collection is the ultimate sports card collection tracker for graded cards. Here are a few reasons why we prefer to use this app over the others: 

  1. The PSA app has an Intuitive interface, comprehensive database, customization options, and tracking capabilities.
  2. PSA Card App Collection offers many features, including a massive database, user-friendly interface, sorting options, real-time value tracking, and a convenient “Send to Vault” feature for high-value cards.
  3. The PSA app provides a vast collection database, easy navigation, and the ability to quickly scan or manually enter PSA ID numbers to find cards.
  4. The app allows users to track their collection progress, including owned cards, cards needed, and Wishlist items, along with valuation and pricing information based on real-time sales data.
  5. The PSA Card App Collection stands out with its social features, cross-platform support, regular updates, and a strong focus on security and privacy. These features foster a sense of community among collectors while ensuring a seamless device experience.

It is the best choice for collectors with a massive database, intuitive interface, sorting options, and real-time value tracking.

You can quickly scan or manually enter PSA ID numbers to locate cards, while the “Send to Vault” feature ensures secure storage for high-value cards. What do you do when a card doesn’t get graded and you get a ‘no holder’ psa message? 

Plus, with Slab Studio, you can share your collection on social media with stunning images. Experience the convenience and benefits of the PSA Card App Collection and take your card-collecting journey to new heights.

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