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ROI Sports Card Calculator

Calculate Your Card (Return on Investment) Quickly

Take a moment to put in values for the cards you plan to buy and how much you plan to sell them for to understand the potential Return on Investment (ROI) of the deal. If you can get a high ROI, it’s worth buying the card and getting the investment. However, sometimes a card won’t be worth investing in and you’ll want to use math to help make that decision for you.

Sports Card ROI Calculator

Using our ROI sports card calculator, you can quickly understand what will work and what won’t be worth it.

Here’s a few collector tips to consider when investing in cards.

  1. PSA cards have a high sell-through rate and high market demand. Especially, compared to other grading companies.
  2. Rookie cards and autographs sell for high amounts due to their high desirability.
  3. Buying cards in bulk help you save on overall cost per card which can make getting a return on investment (ROI) easier.
  4. Analyzing sports card market trends data helps you stay ahead of your competition.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you first start trying to make profit from sports cards. In fact, earning an extra dollar or two in terms of profit is very exciting when first starting out. However, the fun gets going when you can start to make $10 to $100 in profit. It all starts with knowing your numbers and using this ROI sports card calculator to your advantage. It’s mobile friendly and makes for an easy method to make safe bets with your money.

What’s a good ROI for a Card?

Here’s a few benchmarks of a good vs. bad ROI:

  • Over 100%+ = Good ROI
  • Negative % = Bad ROI
  • 387% is amazing and hard to achieve ROI
  • -50% is a bad ROI but very likely or possible to achieve.

How To Use Our ROI Calculator (Example)

For example, if you bought a base card for $2 at a local card shop and later sold it for $4, you would have had a 100%+ ROI. In other words, you doubled your money and have more to spend next time. However, if you use the same situation and only sold the card for $3, had a 50%+ ROI. Still excellent value and you didn’t lose any money which is always a good thing. Yet, what could have even better been if you sold it for $10. Turning $2 into $10 is a 400%+ ROI. Aim high and have some fun by entering in some more numbers.

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