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How to Trade Cards Safely Online

Learning how to trade online sports cards via social media is easy. It’s an excellent method to meet individuals who share your interest in certain cards. For example, most trading deals happen within Facebook groups. 

I will go over what you need to know when trading cards online from start to finish. Additionally, it will explain step-by-step how to trade your cards securely.

First, let’s go over the basics: 

Why People May Choose to Trade Cards Online


Here are a few reasons and benefits for doing so: 

1. Acquire Something They Want: 

People often trade things to obtain something they want or need but still need to get. 

For example, a collector might trade a sports card for a different one; they can complete their collection without completing it.

2. Get rid of Something They don’t Want Anymore: 

To get rid of something they no longer want or need: People may also trade things to get rid of something they no longer want or need. 

For example, someone might trade an old piece of furniture for a newer model or a book they have already read for a different one.

3. To Save Money: 

Trading can be a cost-effective way to acquire new things, as it allows people to exchange something they have for something they want without having to pay for it outright. 

For example, someone might trade a shirt they no longer wear for a different shirt they like better rather than buying a new one with money.

4. To Build Relationships: 

Trading can also be a way for people to build relationships with others who share their interests. 

For example, a person who collects stamps might trade stamps with other collectors to learn more about different stamps and to develop friendships with like-minded people.

Overall, there are many reasons why people might choose to trade something. Whether they are looking to acquire something new, get rid of something they no longer want, save money, or build relationships, trading can be a valuable tool for achieving their goals.

First Time Trading Must-Know Details

When trading for the first time via Facebook groups, you should learn a few basic principles. 

Read the rules

Every Facebook group is different and requires different standards. The admins set up rules to avoid confusion and set expectations; read through those before you start. 

Unfortunately, new members often need to pay more attention to this. 

Coin a picture 

When you coin a picture, it’s to ‘timestamp,’ a photo showing proof you still owe or have the item you are trying to trade. Also, it’s to avoid someone scamming you by trading an item the trader no longer has and only receiving your package. 


Each group has an established way of building credibility and trust among its members. One of those methods is to ask for ‘vouchers.’ A voucher is a recommendation or proof that someone did something good for them. In other words, it’s a check to see if ‘they are legit.’ 

You want multiple vouchers (people who recommend working with this individual vendor/seller) before making the transaction or trading online. 

Remember that there’s a risk to trading sports cards online with strangers you do not know. Keep that in mind when preparing to make your online trade. 

How to Initiate a Trade Online

You can start by taking the following steps:

1. Choose the social media platform you want to utilize. 

There are numerous platforms to pick from, each with its community. 

Some popular choices are Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit. For the exact kind of cards you want to trade, there may be official trading forums or organizations and individuals who write about their collections.

Here’s a list of groups or communities you can consider joining and following: 


  1. NFL Football Cards – Buy/Sell/Trade Breaks – (
  2. Football Cards Buy-Sell-Trade-Auctions – (


  1. MojoSports (@mojosportsllc) – (
  2. Burbank Sportscards (@burbankcards) – (


  1. Sports Card Collecting – ( 
  2. TTC – The OFFICIAL Reddit Trading Card/Sportscard Community (

2. Read through the platform’s rules to ensure that you are posting within them. 

Once you’ve decided on a platform, profile and follow other users interested in trading cards. Go through all the rules within the platform to make sure you stay safe. 


3. Post the item you are looking to trade and negotiate until there’s an agreement. 

To negotiate the trade, you could ask the other collector if they have any specific cards they are looking for in return.

By being clear about what you are looking for and being open to different offers and suggestions, you can ensure that both parties are happy with the final trade.

Common objections arise when negotiating; be bold and clear on what you want.

For example, you might say, “I appreciate your offer, but I’m looking for a specific card in return. Do you have any of the cards on this list?” or “I’m sorry, but I’m not interested in a cash offer. Can you offer any other cards in exchange for mine?”

They help you get closer to what you are looking for when you give them ideas like what teams, players, or cards you want. 

4. Send payment if required (optional)


Sometimes when you are trading, you need to add cash to your deal. While it’s rare it’s good to have a method to use to make that deal happen.  

PayPal is a well-known online payment service for many things, including trading cards. You can select to send the payment using the “Goods and Services” option if you use PayPal to trade cards. 

Most transactions, including purchasing and selling tangible items like trading cards, should be made through this method.

The cash will be transferred from the sender’s account to the recipient’s account immediately if you select the “Goods and Services” option, which will handle the payment as a regular transaction. A minor transaction cost, usually 2.9% of the entire amount plus a set fee, will also be levied to the sender.

To send a payment using the “Goods and Services” option on PayPal, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your PayPal account and click on the “Send” button.
  • Enter the recipient’s email address or mobile phone number in the “To” field.
  • Enter the amount you want to send in the “Amount” field and select the appropriate currency.
  • Click on the “Goods and Services” option in the “Payment Method” section.
  • Enter a brief transaction described in the “Description” field, such as “Trading cards with John Doe.”
  • Review the transaction details and click the “Send” button to complete the payment.

Using PayPal’s “Goods and Services” option is a safe and secure way to trade sports cards. You avoid misunderstandings or mistakes; carefully verify the transaction information before sending the payment.

5. Ship the trading card  

Shipping trading cards safely is critical to ensure that they arrive at their destination in good condition. 

Use ‘Goods and Services’ when trading sports cards online because it can protect you if the other party does not send you their portion of the deal.

Here are a few steps you can follow to make sure your cards are properly packaged and shipped:

  1. Choose a sturdy, padded envelope or box to ship the cards in for shipping. The envelope or box should be large enough to accommodate the cards and any protective packaging you will be using, such as bubble wrap or card sleeves.
  2. Place the cards inside the envelope or box, and make sure they are securely packed. If you use protective sleeves or containers, place the cards inside before putting them in the envelope or box.
  3. Add padding to the envelope or box to prevent the cards from moving around during shipping. It can include bubble wrap, foam peanuts, or other cushioning materials.
  4. Close the envelope or box securely and use strong tape to seal it. Use enough tape to ensure that the envelope or box will not open during shipping.
  5. Address the envelope or box clearly and legibly and include any necessary shipping labels or customs forms.
  6. Take the envelope or box to a post office or shipping provider and choose a shipping option that includes tracking and insurance. It will help you ensure that the cards are delivered safely and securely and provide recourse if the package is lost or damaged in transit.

Now Time To Get Experience Trading Sports Cards

It’s crucial to package and ship them carefully so they can reach their destination in good condition. 

You may ensure that your cards will be secure throughout travel by using a strong envelope or box, appropriate packaging, and a dependable shipping method. 

Now, you should have enough knowledge to initiate your first trade online. Enjoy your new card when it arrives in the mail and gains some experience; you’ll be trading sports cards daily in no time. 

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