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Best Ebay Sports Card Sellers (Top 6) For Collectors

Which eBay sports card sellers are the best and most trustworthy? Avoid scammers and unfriendly eBay sellers in the card community by sticking to this list of vendors worth buying from directly. 

Our article goes in-depth on the biggest eBay sports card sellers and what makes them reliable to buy from when looking to add cards to your collection. For example, here’s a chart analyzing the average price per seller and what you can expect to see when browsing their store. Looks like Burbank Sports Cards and COMC have the most cards, while Probstein123 has the least number of low-end cards for sale. 


Unveiling the Best eBay Sellers for Sports Cards

As a long-time sports card collector and card trader, I’ve spent countless hours navigating the bustling marketplace of eBay. Sometimes sleepless nights looking at cards and sorting the filters to find the cheapest deals. When you finally get the right deal, it feels incredible.  

However, a few eBay sellers can sometimes be less friendly, helpful, or willing to get a deal done. Knowing what to look for when this happens and what to avoid can help. Our list of the best eBay sellers for sports cards saves you time and worries as these are reputable names you can buy.   

The thrill of finding that rare card, the tension of the bidding process, the satisfaction of a successful purchase – I’ve experienced it all. 

Through my years of personal trading on eBay, I’ve gotten to know the key players in the market quite well. Now, allow me to share my insights and guide you through the world of the best eBay sellers for sports cards.

As always, do your homework, but don’t worry if you don’t. Here’s what we use to help avoid scammers. 

Here’s how we identify a trustworthy eBay sports card seller: 

  1. Are there eBay ratings higher than 98%? Yes, 100% is ideal when reviewing reviews; however, only some prominent eBay sports card sellers can keep their records clean, as it’s hard to please everyone. Look for scores higher than 98% and look at the negative reviews to see what went wrong.
  2.  Do you know someone who’s bought from them before? Asking your network is another effective strategy, and most hobby folks are willing to share who they do business with within the community. People post on Instagram asking for vouchers and about eBay seller records.  

Direct message other collectors or join a Facebook community about sports cards if you ever need to ask about an eBay seller’s legitimacy. 

Trusted eBay Sports Card Sellers to Buy Collectibles 

Trust is the currency of any online transaction. Let’s review some of the top eBay sellers in the sports card arena who have built their reputations on trust. If you are looking for fast-shipper, low and fair-price collectibles, Our eBay store NowCollectibles is an excellent option. 

1. COMC – Consignment ‘Check Out My Collection.’ 


5.1M Items Sold – 55K Followers

I’ve interacted with numerous sellers throughout my trading journey, and COMC stands out. Currently ranked 7th among eBay’s highest volume sellers, they’ve gathered over 34,000 feedback ratings in just a month. COMC has over 30 million cards on its platform and sells through eBay as a consignment agent. 

Cards’ quality is a significant component of price and availability, making them a great eBay provider in the sports card industry. Get fair deals and card prices on bulk orders with a one-time, flat shipping price. 

Typically, it’s only $4.99 on any order, and then when you add more cards, it’ll be only $0.25 for each additional card. Shipping is fast and reliable, along with high-quality packaging. 

But what sets COMC apart is its consignment selling model. I’ve benefited from their feature that allows cross-listing of cards on eBay and Amazon, drastically widening the pool of potential buyers.

2. DCSports87 


3.1M Items Sold – 58K Followers

Coming in closely behind COMC, DCSports87 is the 8th highest volume seller. With feedback ratings nearing 33,000, they’re another significant player in the sports card-selling industry.

Their goal is to be a one-stop shop for all your card consignment needs, and they are a direct competitor to COMC. What’s nice is how quick their shipping is when buying from them, Express: 2 business days or Standard: 9 business days, and how you support other card collectors. 

Unpacking cards from DCSports87 is fun because you know the card will arrive in excellent condition due to their clear photos, and you are not stressing about damage upon arrival. 

3. Greg Morris Cards


6.6M Items Sold – 25K Followers

Greg Morris Cards is 10th on eBay’s high-volume seller list. They cater primarily to vintage card collectors and received over 27,000 feedback ratings last month. Their longevity in the business has resulted in a total of 2.2 million feedback ratings since their inception.

Largest eBay Sports Card Dealers to Buy Collectibles 

Size often matters when it comes to sports card dealers. Extensive inventories mean a wide range of choices and potentially better deals. Here are some of the largest sports card dealers on eBay.

1. Probstein123


4.5M Items Sold – 105K Followers

As the 13th highest volume seller on eBay, Probstein123 is an eBay giant. The seller’s listings mainly consist of consigned cards and enjoy a feedback rating of over 23,000 in one month. 

2. Burbank Sports Cards


6M Items Sold – 39K Followers

Based in Southern California, Burbank Sports Cards is 17th on eBay’s high-volume seller list. They have an extensive inventory with over 2.4 million cards on eBay and a physical store for those who prefer in-person shopping.

Shipping from Burbank Sports Cards is fast and straightforward. They tend to use the standard eBay envelopes, which are cardboard instead of paper and only cost a few cents to ship. You’ll find their buying experience elite because they are an approved vendor to sell on eBay’s live program. 

3. The Ultimate Card Collection (2brossports)


3M Items Sold – 14K Followers

A newcomer to the top 25, the Minneapolis-based 2 Brothers Sports Cards is already making a name for itself, with feedback ratings reaching 14,738 monthly. If you are looking for low-end vintage baseball cards, they have a ton worth going through and completing sets. 

What to Expect from These Sellers

As someone who has received dozens of packages, I can tell firsthand these big sports card sellers do more to protect your precious cards. They’re typically packaged in a Top Loader, safely secured with blue tape, and mailed in an envelope. 

I’ve appreciated their fast, affordable shipping that typically costs less than a dollar. Also, as a frequent buyer, I’ve seen how bulk purchases can lead to significant savings. And with their massive inventories, it’s like being a kid in a candy store!

Learn more about how to earn an ROI from sports cards and become profitable quickly. Our new article goes in-depth on what it takes to become profitable, how to calculate ROI (return on investment) and more.

Safe Buying on eBay is a Priority For Everyone. 

Sports cards are a significant category on eBay. Whether looking for vintage cards or seeking out trusted sellers to begin your collection, the platform offers a range of options. Avoid sellers with a low rating and go with sellers who are already selling cards at a high monthly volume. They tend to scale up, know what they are doing, and rank highly high overall among eBay, making it a safe bet. 

Remember to consider seller feedback and the size of the inventory when making your purchase. 

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