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Best 10 Sports Card Influencers on YouTube (2023)

Today, we’re looking at the top 10 most popular sports card influencers on YouTube. These influencers have cultivated their audience for years to build their brand on social media from the ground up. Some have a small subscriber base while others have a large one. This article will include their channel name, current subscriber count, and content summary. Then, see which sports card influencer you’ll want to watch next. 

Knowing the top 10 most popular sports card influencers on YouTube can help you stay updated with the latest trends and developments in the sports card industry. It can also provide valuable insights into practical strategies for building a successful brand on social media. Mainly if you wanted to partner with them or connect with them in person at card shows. 

This list of card collectors is making the most significant impact on the hobby, and we hope we can meet each of them one day. They all have great consistency, enjoyable content, and a passion for sports cards. Each represents the hobby and keeps it safe for kids to participate in. 

We described 10 of the best Sports Card YouTube Influencers in the hobby. So, who are the fastest growing and most popular Sports Card Influencers? 

Some of these social media influencers also have discords here a few we recommend: 3 Best Sports Card Discord Communities for Collectors

Check out these well-known Sports Card YouTubers to find the best sports content out there: 

1. Mojo Sports – YouTube – 36.4K Subscribers


Most known for becoming a collector and sharing first-time experiences within the hobby. Recently Mojo became a resident of Los Angeles, entirely elevating his sports card content by documenting the move with his vlogs. He goes to card shows frequently and takes his camera to document the deals as they happen. Partnering with Burbank Sports Cards (his new local card shop) to make a 1-day work contract and share what it’s like to work at a substantial LA-based card shop. 

Mojo, also known as ‘Jay,’ is a kind, a hardworking individual whose family has been through a lot. Jay’s father owns a donut shop where he grew up, and one of his most memorable episodes is him sharing his experience helping his dad bake donuts for the shop. A blend of donuts and sports cards, memorable conversations create a vibe unlike any other. 

If you enjoy finding deals on cards similar to how Mojo does in his videos, you may also like our eCommerce store NowCollectibles – an online card shop connecting sports fans with their favorite teams and players.

2. JUSTIN GAMBLE GAMBLE – YouTube – 3.84K Subscribers


Most known for the day in a life vlog which consists of flipping high-end sports cards for profit.

Recently Justin Escalona became a fast-growing YouTube channel about his passion for flipping high-end cards. His background in videography and storytelling from having a successful YouTube career producing ‘daily docs’ content, has level-upped the sports card industry. As a result, he can produce high-quality, authentic & entertaining sports card video content. Especially by partnering with Paradise Card Breaks , the local card shop he visits frequently. 

If you enjoy watching a group of friends hang out as a vendor at card shows and enjoy the art of negotiation for quick money, you’ll enjoy this channel. One of his recent videos was ‘$400 to $10,000 with Sports Cards in One Day”—a great example of how to buy for low and sell for high in the sports card industry. 

3. Packer Cards 87 – YouTube – 96.4K Subscribers 


Most known for opening the latest hobby boxes, blaster boxes, and random packs of sports cards. Packer Cards runs a break group with his brother called Barbell Breaks and he often gets extra hobby boxes for personal breaks. He shares those personal breaks on this YouTube channel. It’s often the newest and latest product, for example, Prizm 2022 Blaster Boxes or 2022 Mosaic Hobby Boxes. 

His videos go straight to opening cards and don’t have much fluff, making them entertaining. They are short and focus on the big hits he finds when ripping. Packer Cards 87 is a Green Bay Packers fan and is passionate when he gets cards from that team during his breaks. 

4. Trading Card Investor – Trading Card Investor – YouTube – 464 Subscribers


Most known for finding opportunities within the hobby to make smart buying and selling decisions. Trading Card Investor is a newer YouTube channel with less than 500 subscribers, however, for what they provide, they should have more. They are highly knowledgeable about the hobby and share their insights with others. Each video provides a collector tip you would need to learn, and they have a podcast that’s very helpful for card collectors who are new to the hobby. 

This Sports Card YouTuber is in Ohio and recommends card shows local to that area. However, you can gain a lot from watching how he engages with dealers at card shows and what he’s buying. For example, he bought a Deshaun Watson downtown in one of his videos and flipped it, making a massive profit. He has a Facebook group called Trading Card Investor Breaks | Facebook, which is increasing and tells his subscribers what’s happening in the hobby. 

5. Josh Unboxed – YouTube – 3.72K Subscribers


Most known for ‘learning how to sell low-end sports cards.’ Josh Unboxed helps card collectors learn about the selling side of the hobby, especially how to use eBay to sell cards. In addition, he focuses on sharing helpful tips and advice on growing a collection while on a budget and sharing practical examples and strategies for making a profit on cards which should be more noticed. 

Josh is very thoughtful in his sports card content, as each video will lead you to another one. You can spend hours watching his videos because each builds on the other to help you gain a skill. In addition, he can share his journey of building an eBay store from scratch and have over 5K monthly profit and over 2K items in his store. 

If you want to learn more about selling sports card content, his videos will help you do that. 

6. RunGoodLife – YouTube – 36.4K Subscribers


He is most known for performing breaks and using humor like memes in his videos. However, runGoodLife focuses on ripping back and providing entertaining videos by being informative. He has a lot of product knowledge of specific parallels, autograph odds, and card products. For example, his video intro typically starts with sharing the chances of getting a particular player or card. 

RGL, for short, runs live streams on his YouTube channel at night to break boxes and then ships the cards afterward. His breaks fill up extremely fast because of his available product and the excellent pricing structure he has in place. 

If you want to put a video on to watch someone else break to scratch the itch of opening a pack of cards without spending money, these are perfect for you. 

7. JMac Sports Cards – YouTube – 5.95K Subscribers


Most known for sharing the dark side of collecting and how to sell sports cards at scale with high volumes. JMac makes high-quality sports card content by being honest about everything that works or does not work when collecting in the hobby. In addition, he shares his entry system for picking orders, sorting, and packaging cards. JMac has a high-volume, low-end sports card business on eBay and gives secret tips on how he scales up. 

A recent video he did with his wife, “How We Organize our Nearly 10,000 Sports Cards on eBay,” goes in-depth on why he does it this way and what makes it worth it to him. JMac is a fan of the Carolina Panthers, and it’s fun to watch what hat he wears during his videos as he changes it often. 

8. She Collects Cards – YouTube  – 9.75K Subscribers


She is most known for sharing her high-end collection and a day-in-a-life of working at PSA.

Her experience with buying and selling cards worth thousands of dollars gives a perspective into the hobby others do not have. She Collect Cards is a YouTube influencer in the card industry and tells her audience what it’s like having cards in a vault. Most people who collect cards averaging $50 or less have yet to need to put their cards in a vault. 

However, when you start getting into higher-end cards, you’ll need to consider it, and she’s an excellent resource for getting more knowledge on what to look for in a company that provides a vault for cards. 

9. TRIKE415 Sports Cards – YouTube – 17K Subscribers


Most known for ripping retail sports cards and hunting for good deals at card shows. TRIKE415 is a considerable soccer card collector and enjoys visiting card shows in London, UK, to share his experiences. During the world cup, his channel grew significantly because only a few collectors went in-depth into soccer cards as the market is smaller than in other sports. 

His best videos are when he’s breaking down his PSA submission orders to give a perspective on both the financials and why a card is essential to him. He’ll break down what he spent on the card and how much it cost to grade along with what the grade was and what the new value of the card is from there. It’s inspiring to watch because it teaches you what is worth submitting to PSA for grading and what is not. 

If you enjoy learning more about the hobby and are a low-key, not flashy (down to earth) but entertaining YouTuber, he will be great for you to watch. 

Also helps when you know who to buy from for affordable cards. Here’s a list of the 7 Best Places to Buy Sports Trading Cards for Cheap (2023) we recommend.

10. Sports Card Investor – YouTube – 243K Subscribers 


Most known for learning how to profit from your hobby. Sports card investors are at the top of the hobby and have tremendous influence in the sports card industry. He has an app called ‘Sports Card Investor that uses data to identify where the market is moving, what cards are trending, and which cards are most valuable.

Also, learn more about the Best Ebay Sports Card Sellers (Top 6) For Collectors which include big sellers who have thousands of cards similar to Market Movers. 

The collectors who want to keep track of their card collection’s worth love this app. His videos also share sports card news.

Why Subscribe to Sports Card Influencer YouTube Accounts

In the sports card industry, YouTube influencers have made their mark, sharing their knowledge, experiences, and collections with audiences worldwide. 

We hope this list of the top 10 most popular sports card influencers on YouTube gets you excited about the hobby and is worth watching. It’s important to know who they are as they can help you stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in the industry.

Also, provide valuable insights into practical strategies for building a successful brand on social media. Each of these card collectors is making a significant impact on the hobby. 

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