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Panini Select Football Levels: Explained Easy

What are the Levels of Panini Select Football? There are four select levels such as Concourse, Premier, Club and Field. We outline which levels are worth the most and what to look for when buying Panini Select Football cards. The number of prints will vary depending on the level, increasing the total rarity and desirability. The complexity also grows as the hobby grows since Panini often changes the levels each year. 

There are 425 cards in a Panini Select Football card set; however, not every card is equal or valued at the same price. Some cards are worth more than others simply because of the card type and its attributes or features. 

What Are Panini Select Football Levels? Explained Easy

Collectors can identify the levels by looking at the number on the back of the card, with Concourse being 1-100, Premier Level being 101-200, Club Level being 201-300, and Field Level being 301-400.

Let’s start with explaining using an example of cards in the select football levels: 

  1. Concourse – Numbered at 1-100 at the top on the back of the card. The common or the lowest level compared to the other cards. 
  2. Premier Level – Numbered at 101-200 at the top of the back of the card. The uncommon or the second level compared to the other cards. 
  3. Club Level – Numbered at 201-300 at the top of the back of the card. The rare or the third level compared to the other cards. 
  4. Field Level – Numbered at 301-400 at the top of the back of the card—the super rare or the highest level compared to the other cards.

What Are Panini Select Football Card Types 

Then depending on the parallels, the rarity increases and makes the football card more desirable. 

  1. Base: A complete set has these cards, which are the most prevalent. Every pack you open will include Base cards, often in front of the pack. Upwards of 60% of the packs you open. 
  2. Silver: These cards frequently have a silver border and are marginally more uncommon than base cards. They might also include a unique image or unique statistics.
  3. Gold: These cards have a gold border and are considerably rarer than silver cards. They might also contain unique autographs or mementos from actual games.
  4. Black: These cards are among the set’s rarest and frequently have a black border. They might also contain unique autographs or mementos from actual games.
  5. Elite or Super Rare: These are the most exclusive cards in the set and could include a special autograph or artifact from a previous game. Which includes one of one football cards as well. 

Difference between Die-Cut vs. Non-Die-Cut

Additionally, depending on whether the card is die-cut or non-die-cut will also increase the worth. 

Here’s an example using Tom Brady football cards: 

Panini Select Football Levels Tom Brady

While it’s the same photograph of Tom Brady in his Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniform, the card shapes are different. The Die-cut card is worth more than the non-die-cut card. 

If you enjoy finding deals on cards similar these Tom Brady cards, you may also like our eCommerce store NowCollectibles – an online card shop connecting sports fans with their favorite teams and players.

What Are the Odds of Getting a High-Value Card?

The odds of getting a high-value card in a pack are low, with only two base Field Level cards in a 24-pack box. 

According to Beckett, there are the following odds when opening. 

Panini Select Football Cards: 

  • 24 base Concourse cards 
  • Ten base Premier Level cards 
  • Two base Field Level cards 

Best Panini Select Football Cards to Look for in Your Packs

When breaking packs, it’s exciting to look for the following cards due to their rarity and how much they could be worth in the future. Especially worth more if you grade them and have them in good condition: 

1. Dragon Scale Select – /67


They are distinguished from basic select cards by the distinctive dragon scale pattern on the card’s surface and are more expensive. However, only 67, and the scale colors differ depending on which card you pull. Typically, a Justin Herbert Dragon Scale Select Football Card sells for anywhere between $3,000 and $8,000. 

2. Zebra Die-Cut Select (no serial number)

Jalen-Hurts-Zebra Die-Cut Select

Non-numbered cards, however, their design separates them from the rest. Typically, a Jalen Hurts Zebra Die-Cut Select sells for anywhere between $1,000 and $4,000. Market cap is at 40K and growing depending on results of the playoffs. 

3. Tie-Dye Die-Cut Select – /25

Justin-Fields-Tie-Dye Die-Cut Select

These cards are similar to what it looks like when you put a t-shirt through a tie-dye process. Tie-dye cards create multicolored patterns by tying and dyeing sections and creating the perfect blend of colors. Typically, a Justin Fields Tie-Dye Die-Cut Select sells for anywhere between$500 to $2,000. It largely depends on if it’s graded or raw. 

4. Silver Select (no serial number)


Each card has a HOLO effect, and silver looks more dominant than any other color on the card. Typically, a Josh Allen Silver Select goes sells for anywhere between$600 to $2,800.

5. Tiger Select (no serial number)


Similar to Zebra select cards, these Tiger Select have orange and black colored stripes giving them a unique effect. Typically, a Justin Fields Tiger Select sells for anywhere between$800 to $2,100. It largely depends on if it’s graded or raw. For example, this graded PSA 9 is going for less than $1K.

Learn how long it takes for PSA to grade your cards in our recent article for collectors new to getting their cards graded. 

Which Levels are Most Expensive?

When you determine the worth of your select level cards, you’ll want to consider the level, such as a Field Level. However, there are more items to consider. Also, look at the following: 

It largely depends on the following factors.

  1. Which level is it? Field Level cards can run over $50 to $500. 
  2. Which player is it? If it’s a goat-like Tom Brady or a future hall of Famer like Patrick Mahomes, that’ll increase its value of it even more. 
  3. Is it a die-cut or non-die-cut? While die-cut cards are more valuable, they can be tricky to grade due to the number of corners they have to review during the grading process. 
  4. What parallel is it? If it’s Dragon Scale or Zebra Select cards, it’ll be more valuable than a base select card. 
  5. How is the condition? If the card is damaged or has an issue with its condition, this will lower the card’s value. 
  6. Which serial number is it? Some serial numbers are considered more desirable, such as low-numbered cards (1/1, 1/5, etc.), which can increase the card’s value. For example, the Zebra cards do not have serial numbers. 
  7. Are there any particular features or autographs? Special features such as game-used memorabilia or autographs from the player can significantly increase the card’s value.
  8. What is the demand for the team? The demand for a team can significantly impact the card’s value, with cards featuring popular or successful players or teams often being more valuable.

When you grade these cards, they also can increase in value and change the card’s worth. 

Learning about What are Parallel cards & How Do They Work will give you an advantage when looking to sell or collect the highest value cards. 

For example, Tom Brady Silver Field Level Select Prizm PSA 10 goes for $90+ while a Tom Brady Silver Field Level Select Prizm goes for $25+ RAW. 

Tom-Brady-Silver-Select-Field-Level-Price Tom-Brady-Silver-Select-Field-Level-Raw-Price

It also shows condition matters when looking to sell a football card, and getting the PSA label helps in the long term. 

However, Panini 2022 Select Football Cards adds an additional rarity level. Which dilutes your base set further.  

  1. Concourse (40 Parallels)
  2. Premier (39 Parallels)
  3. Club (37 Parallels)
  4. Suite (21 Parallels)
  5. Field (14 Parallels)

Card investor built a matrix using data explaining odds of chasing players. No longer are the rookies in every level when you begin your hunt. Instead, only specific levels will have rookies. In this video, they go in-depth on what you can expect to see. 

Unlock the Value of Your Collection: Hunt for Rare Field Level Select Cards

Collecting Panini Select Football cards is an exciting hobby with various levels and sorts.

Look for the following to win big: 

  1. Silver Mac Jones Select Prizms
  2. Patrick Mahomes Zebra Select Prizms
  3. Justin Herbert Tye-Dye Die Cut Prizms 

The most expensive cards are Field Level cards, which can sell for over $50 to $500. Next, look for cards featuring a distinctive player, like Patrick Mahomes or Tom Brady. Finally, die-cut cards are more expensive but more difficult to grade. 

Additionally, a parallel card like Dragon Scale or Zebra might increase the card’s value. Of course, the chances of finding a valuable card in a pack are slim, but the thrill of discovering one of the 67 Dragon Scale or Zebra Die-Cut Prizms is worth the search!

Also, learn about How Valuable Are Press Proof Rated Rookie Cards?

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