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Best Purple Pulsar Football Cards in the Market (Top 8)

Explore the shimmering rarity of the best Purple Pulsar sports cards (especially football cards) and why purple is so significant and hard to obtain. The hunt for greatness becomes a hidden treasure more collectors search for daily. 

Most Valuable Purple Pulsar Football Cards in the Market

In the vast world of football cards, a particular category is called Purple Pulsar football cards. These unique cards, distinguished by their mesmerizing Purple Pulsar design, hold a special place in the hearts of collectors. 

This article will explore the world of Purple Pulsar football cards, their significance, desirability, and the top associated players. We go in depth on what to do with your common sports cards in a different article: 8 Creative Ways to Manage Your Common Sports Cards

You can find these cards in the 2021 Prizm blaster and 2020 Contenders Optic blasters or other hobby boxes. We have another article which goes in depth on the differences between blaster and hobby boxes; Why Are Sports Card Hobby Boxes So Expensive?

They also explore the shimmering rarity of sports cards and why purple is so significant and hard to obtain. The hunt for greatness becomes a hidden treasure more collectors search for daily. 

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Understanding Purple Pulsar Football Cards: Why They Matter


Any color-match card instantly becomes more valuable; however, the values increase when it’s a Purple Pulsar card. So if you see these at the flea market, on eBay, or WhatNot, jump on them, as these can go for a premium.  For example, this Justin Fields 2021 Prizm Purple Pulsar PSA 10 goes for $2,000+ as a Buy Now option and not taking any offers. When you have a GEM MINT and a color match (player + team) it’s a valuable card. Teams like the Chicago bears work perfectly with the purple colored card. 

It’s because there are many different types of wave cards in the market. However, purple has become a hard-to-obtain color. There are blue waves, green and pink which are relatively common. 

Why Purple Pulsar Sports Cards Have High Prices 

Typically, ungraded purple pulsar sports cards can go from $15- $50 sold as raw. However, once you grade them the upside begins to climb upwards of $150-$400. If you find a purple pulse card in a dollar bin at your local card shop or during a card show where there’s a vendor, pick it up. It can be worth a lot more than you think. Always check eBay for accurate comps as prices do change fast.

1. Color Match by Team

Purple Pulsar football cards are a breed apart, featuring a captivating design characterized by a beautiful, flowing Purple Pulsar pattern.

The intricate design adds an element of elegance and uniqueness to these cards, setting them apart from their counterparts. It looks perfect on teams like the Baltimore Ravens; these fans love these cards due to the color match they provide. 

2. Color Psychology 

The Purple Pulsar design holds deep meaning for collectors. It symbolizes the mystique of the sport, the dynamic energy that surges through the field, and the brilliance exhibited by the athletes. The design is an artistic representation of the passion and excitement that football fans experience. There are many different types of purple variations in sports cards, however, the most popular is the purple pulsar. Other’s you’ll see are purple no huddle (which has disco or circles) and purple wave (mostly would see with basketball cards). 

3. Rarity and Desirability

The rarity of Purple Pulsar football cards adds to their allure. These cards are not commonly found in the wild, making them highly sought after by collectors. In addition, their scarcity and unique design contribute to their desirability, elevating their value in the market.

4. A Historical Legacy

Purple Pulsar cards have etched their mark in the football card market. They have become a coveted item among collectors, with a rich history that adds to their appeal. 

As the years pass, the significance of Purple Pulsar cards grows, making them even more valuable for enthusiasts.

Top Players with Purple Pulsar Football Cards

As a collector, getting caught up in the hype and buying the wrong type of cards is easy. However, buying the correct type of card and the right player at the right time can earn you millions (or thousands) when sold at an auction place like eBay or WhatNot. Here will go in-depth on which players’ prices remain high when buying Purple Pulsar cards. 

The Elite Few: Players at the top of their game

Certain players stand out as the pinnacle of the Purple Pulsar collection. These iconic individuals have left an indelible mark on the sport and have exclusive Purple Pulsar cards.

Who are the Top Players with Purple Pulsar Football Cards?

Purple Pulsar football cards have become highly coveted among collectors, and certain players have emerged as the cream of the crop within this exclusive category. Look at some top players associated with these sought-after Purple Pulsar football cards.

1. Tom Brady: The G.O.A.T. of Purple Pulsar Cards


Tom Brady’s Purple Pulsar cards are among the most coveted and valuable in the football card-collecting community. This Tom Brady Optic Purple Pulsar Card PSA 10 goes for over $700 dollars and eBay did an authentication on the card to ensure it was the real deal. 

With his unparalleled career achievements, including numerous Super Bowl victories and M.V.P. titles, Brady has solidified his status as one of the greatest quarterbacks ever. His Purple Pulsar cards showcase his brilliance on the field. 

2. Patrick Mahomes: The Young Phenom


Patrick Mahomes has taken the football world by storm, and collectors have highly sought after his Purple Pulsar cards. Here’s a Patrick Mahomes 2020 Contenders Purple Pulsar numbered out of 21 PSA 10, selling for over $350. 

Mahomes’ incredible arm talent, agility, and knack for making jaw-dropping plays have quickly made him a fan favorite. With his impressive on-field performance and exciting playing style, Mahomes has earned a special place in the hearts of collectors seeking his Purple Pulsar cards.

3. Aaron Rodgers: The Master of Precision


Known for his impeccable accuracy and ability to make clutch throws, Aaron Rodgers is another top player associated with coveted Purple Pulsar cards. Here’s an Aaron Rodgers Contenders Optic Purple Pulsar numbered graded PSA 10 selling for over $100. 

As the Green Bay Packers leader, Rodgers has consistently displayed his brilliance on the field, earning numerous accolades and Super Bowl success. As a result, collectors value his Purple Pulsar cards for their aesthetic appeal and the recognition of his remarkable career.

4. Lamar Jackson: The Dual Threat Dynamo


Lamar Jackson’s electrifying style of play and unique skill set has made his Purple Pulsar cards highly desirable among collectors. Here’s a Lamar Jackson 2022 Contenders Optic Purple Pulsar ungraded which sold for over $50+ and if this was graded it’d go for at least $150 – 250. 

Jackson’s ability to dominate games with his arm and legs has revolutionized the quarterback position. In addition, his dynamic playing style and impressive accolades, including an NFL MVP award, make his Purple Pulsar cards a valuable addition to any collection.

A perfect color match making fans and collectors go wild for this card. 

5. Mac Jones: The Rising Star


Mac Jones’s Purple Pulsar cards have gained significant attention in the collecting community. This Mac Jone’s Purple Pulsar Prizm PSA 10 has been sold for over $100 and represents a short print that is hard to find anywhere.

Jones athleticism, leadership, and playmaking abilities propelled him to stardom. Despite recent challenges, Jones talent and potential make his Purple Pulsar cards a worthy investment for collectors who believe in his long-term success.

The Impact of Legends: Why Veterans Prices Are Deals

Analyzing these players’ career achievements and impact provides deeper insight into the hobby. Their remarkable feats, records shattered, and championships won make them worthy of admiration and reverence. Sometimes a veteran QB doesn’t get the same attention and recognition in the hobby as others. However, they can be great deals as eventually these cards will become hard to obtain increasing their value. 

These icons of the game have left an indelible mark on the sport and have their own exclusive Purple Pulsar cards that hold immense value and significance among collectors.

6. Peyton Manning: The Field General


Peyton Manning’s Purple Pulsar cards hold a special place in the hearts of collectors. Manning’s cerebral approach to the game, unparalleled football I.Q., and remarkable career accomplishments have solidified his status as one of the greatest quarterbacks ever. 

His Purple Pulsar cards pay homage to his incredible legacy, and that’s great for collectors seeking to own a piece of Manning’s greatness.

7. Jerry Rice: The Wide Receiver Extraordinaire


Jerry Rice’s Purple No Huddle cards capture the brilliance of N.F.L. history’s most dominant wide receiver. It may not be a purple pulsar however, it’s a highly desirable card due to his strong fanbase. A card like this could go for $50-$100. 

Rice’s unmatched work ethic, precise route-running, and knack for making big plays have cemented his legacy as the epitome of greatness in his position. As a result, collectors value his Purple Pulsar cards for their association with a true legend of the game.

8. Barry Sanders: The Elusive Running Back


Barry Sanders’ Purple Pulsar cards pay tribute to his remarkable agility, breathtaking runs, and mesmerizing ability to evade defenders. Here’s a Barry Sanders 2021 Prizm Purple Pulsar which sold for $15, it’s affordable and since it’s ungraded you can grade it for more. Prices could go up to $70-$100 if it gets a PSA 10. 

Sanders’ electrifying style and unmatched elusiveness on the field made him one of the most exciting running backs to watch. Collectors covet his Purple Pulsar cards as a testament to his status as one of the all-time greats.

Rarity and Value Purple Pulsar Sports Cards Bring To The Hobby

The specific Purple Pulsar cards associated with these players hold immense value in the collecting community. Furthermore, due to their limited availability, the rarity factor amplifies their worth, attracting collectors willing to invest in these treasures.

The rarity and value of Purple Pulsar football cards add to their allure among collectors. These cards are not commonly found in the market, making them highly sought-after and valuable additions to any collection.

Purple Pulsar cards stand out from the crowd with their unique design and limited availability. Their scarcity enhances their desirability and contributes to their value. Collectors understand that obtaining these cards requires persistence, luck, and a keen eye for opportunities.

Furthermore, the value of Purple Pulsar cards increases to factors such as player performance, historical significance, and overall demand in the market. Cards associated with legendary players, exceptional achievements, or rare editions tend to command higher prices and are considered valuable assets in a collector’s portfolio.

Market Trends and Recent Sales

Examining recent sales and market trends sheds light on the demand and fluctuations in the value of Purple Pulsar cards. In addition, real-life examples demonstrate the evolving nature of the market, highlighting the fluctuations in prices and the potential investment opportunities.

Staying informed about market trends and recent sales is crucial for collectors interested in Purple Pulsar football cards. The market for these cards is dynamic and constantly evolving, with fluctuating prices based on various factors.

For example, using Sports Card Investor, you can track how these prices increase over time. See our other article on the differences between these sports card investing tools for identifying trends to buy low and sell here; Card Ladder vs Market Movers: Which is Worth it?

Recent sales provide insight into the current demand and the prices collectors are willing to pay for Purple Pulsar cards. In addition, tracking these sales helps collectors understand the value of specific cards and identify potential investment opportunities.

Moreover, market trends reflect the popularity and trajectory of Purple Pulsar cards as a collectible. Understanding the market’s direction helps collectors make informed decisions about buying, selling, and trading Purple Pulsar cards.

Collectors can stay ahead of the curve by closely monitoring market trends and recent sales, maximizing their investments, and enhancing their overall collecting experience.

Factors Influencing the Value of Purple Pulsar Football Cards

The Importance of Condition and Grading Purple Pulsars 

The condition of a card plays a crucial role in determining its value. Mint condition cards with pristine edges, sharp corners, and vibrant colors hold higher worth. Additionally, cards that have been professionally graded by reputable grading services gain more credibility and value among collectors.

Player Performance and Popularity

The performance and popularity of the player associated with the card significantly impact its value. Extraordinary achievements, M.V.P. titles, or record-breaking performances elevate the desirability of a Purple Pulsar card.

For example, a Zack Wilson Purple Pulsar P.S.A. 10 only goes for $40 – $60 since he no longer will be a starting quarterback for the New York Jets. However, it retains a high value even though that card sold for over $400 when he performed at his best. 

Historical Significance

The historical significance of a player or team can also influence the value of Purple Pulsar cards. For example, cards related to legendary teams or players who shaped football history often command higher prices due to their historical appeal.

Special Features and Editions

Limited editions, autographed cards, or other special features can drastically impact the value of Purple Pulsar football cards. So naturally, collectors covet these unique variations, which often fetch a premium price due to their exclusivity.

Best Tips for Collecting Purple Pulsar Football Cards

1. Stay Informed

Collectors must research and stay updated on card releases and market trends. Following reliable sources, subscribing to newsletters, and actively participating in online communities help enthusiasts stay ahead of the curve.

2. Grading and Authentication

Understanding card grading and authentication processes is crucial. Please familiarize yourself with reputable grading companies and the factors they consider when assigning a grade to a card. Authenticity and grading directly affect the value and marketability of a Purple Pulsar card. Here’s an article on our experience getting our first cards graded at PSA and what to expect, especially How Long Does It Take For PSA To Grade Your Cards

3. Building a Personal Collection. 

When building a collection, following personal preferences and budget constraints is essential. Focus on acquiring cards that resonate with you as a collector, whether based on player affinity, team loyalty, or aesthetic appeal.

4. Community Engagement

Engaging with fellow collectors through online communities, forums, and social media platforms provides opportunities for advice, trading, and expanding your network. In addition, interacting with others with the same passion can enrich your collecting experience.

Investment Potential of Purple Pulsar Football Cards

1. The Potential for Value Appreciation

Purple Pulsar cards have shown a track record of appreciation over time. In addition, football’s rarity, unique design, and enduring popularity make these cards a potential investment opportunity for collectors. Have you seen 1 of 1 black gold Prizm cards? our article goes Best 6 Prizm Gold Cards for Beginners (Ultimate Guide) they are also great cards which go up in value. 

2. Factors to Consider

When considering football cards as an investment, such as player potential, market trends, and the overall health of the hobby should be evaluated. In addition, conducting thorough research and seeking expert opinions can aid in making informed investment decisions.

3. Notable Sales and Returns

Examining notable sales and returns on investment offers insight into the potential profitability of Purple Pulsar cards. In addition, real-life examples provide tangible evidence of the rewards that astute collectors can reap.

FAQ: Common Questions About Purple Pulsar Cards

What 2021 Football Cards Are Worth Money?

In the 2021 football card market, several cards have gained significant value. Some notable cards include rookie cards of high-profile players like Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, and Mac Jones. Additionally, autographed cards, limited edition parallels, and cards featuring established superstars like Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes hold substantial value.

How Much Is the 2021 Panini Worth?

The value of 2021 Panini football cards varies depending on the specific set, player, rarity, and demand. Prices can range from a few dollars for base cards to hundreds or even thousands for rare autographed or limited-edition cards. Researching individual cards or checking online marketplaces for current prices is best.

What Are the Best 2021 Panini Football Cards?

Several 2021 Panini football cards have received praise and recognition from collectors. Some of the best cards include the Panini Prizm Rookie Autographs, National Treasures Rookie Patch Autographs, and Select X.R.C. cards. However, the popularity and value of specific cards can vary based on factors such as player performance, scarcity, and overall design.

Which Panini Cards Are Worth the Most?

The value of Panini cards can fluctuate based on factors such as player performance, rarity, and demand. Generally, cards featuring highly sought-after rookie players, autographed cards, and limited-edition parallels tend to hold the highest value. In addition, unique sets like National Treasures, Immaculate Collection, and Flawless are valuable Panini cards.

How Rare Are Purple Panini Cards?

Purple Panini cards can vary in rarity depending on the specific set and release. While purple is often considered a more common parallel color than specific other colors, the scarcity of Purple Panini cards ultimately depend on the production numbers and the set’s overall print run. Therefore, it’s essential to research individual sets and check the card’s serial numbering or production information to understand its rarity better.

What Color Are Panini Prizm Cards Worth the Most?

Panini Prizm is a popular set known for its vibrant color variations. Generally, the color variations that hold the most value are those associated with the most sought-after players, such as Gold Prizms, Black Finite Prizms, and Green Shimmer Prizms. However, the specific value of a color variation can fluctuate depending on factors like scarcity, player performance, and overall demand in the market.

Why Purple Pulsar Football Cards Remain Highly Desirable 

Purple Pulsar football cards captivate collectors with their unique design and scarcity. The allure of owning a piece of this exclusive category of cards is undeniable, appealing to both sports enthusiasts and avid hobbyists. Knowing which cards to find and look for when hunting will help you hit more homeruns in terms of getting higher value cards into your collection.  

This article encourages collectors to explore the market of Purple Pulsar cards, uncover the treasures within, and build their collections. The joy of connecting with fellow enthusiasts and finding that elusive Purple Pulsar gem awaits those who embark on this captivating journey.

As the football card hobby evolves, the future of Purple Pulsar cards remains promising. These shimmering rarities continue to captivate collectors each year, ensuring their lasting significance in the vibrant world of football card collecting.

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